Our top-selling model. The Blue Heeler packs plenty of punch. Our Free Camp Edition Blue Heelers gives you the power, the luxury and the value - all in one package!

Now available in 18'6", 19'6" and 20'6".


Our flagship model, formerly known as the 'Patriot'. Winner of the 2018 AL-KO 'Best Aussie Vans'. 


Our ‘most awarded off road caravan’ the Phoenix is the first caravan built at Sunland and is still being manufactured at the same factory today. 


This incredible caravan is designed for those who wish to travel around this beautiful, sun-burned country in style and comfort – yet tough enough to venture heavy-duty off-road.


  • The BLUE HEELER has an ATM of 3500kgs and huge payloads of up to 1200kg which allows you to carry everything on-board for your adventures in the outback.

  • Enjoy watching your favourite movie or television program on the 24inch television. 

  • Plenty of solar and battery through the 2 x 180W solar panels, 1 x 225Ah lithium batteries and a 2000W inverter.

  • The 20'6" version includes

  • Water is provided by way of the 190ltr GP, 60ltr drinking and 130ltr grey water. Also included is an external tap and a red water valve (to minimise water loss while hot water is heating).

  • The very popular layout of the BLUE HEELER works. You can choose between the cafe style dinette or the lounge style. 

  • Please check the inclusions document for more details information and confirm with a Sunland Caravans Representative. 




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