Our top-selling model. The Blue Heeler packs plenty of punch. Our Free Camp Edition Blue Heelers gives you the power, the luxury and the value - all in one package!

Now available in 18'6", 19'6" and 20'6".


We designed the Blue Heeler to be the best value off-road caravan in Australia. 

After being launched as a 19'6", we now offer 18'6" and 20'6" options.


  • The BLUE HEELER has an ATM of 3500kgs and huge payloads of up to 1200kg which allows you to carry everything on-board for your adventures in the outback.

  • Cruisemaster XT suspension and aluminium composit

  • Enjoy watching your favourite movie or television program on the 24inch television. 

  • Power is generated through the 2 x 180W solar panels, 1 x 225Ah lithium battery and a 2000W inverter.

  • The 20'6" version includes additional storage space and an extended bench.

  • Water is provided by way of the 190ltr GP, 60ltr drinking and 130ltr grey water. Also included is an external tap (rear of van) and a red water valve (to minimise water loss while hot water is heating).

  • The very popular layout of the BLUE HEELER works without compromise. You can choose between the cafe style dinette or the lounge style seating. 

  • Please check the inclusions document for more details information and confirm with a Sunland Caravans Representative. 

  • Looking for something more? Ask about our optional extras. 




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